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Canoe Builder ~ Algonquin Park ~ Muskoka Ontario Canada

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Wood Canvas Canoes
in the Canadian Tradition

The Algonquin Park Canoe Experience
My love affair with the wood-canvas canoe began years ago in the wilderness of Algonquin Park in Canada.

For three summers I guided young campers through the many lakes and rivers in that park. I later guided professionally with a nearby outfitting store. As soon as the ice went out in May I would take fishermen by canoe to my favorite fishing spots. And when I was not out on the trail I would patiently care for and repair the canoes that the outfitters owned. That was in the 1960's.

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A Canoe Builders Inspiration
At that time I was fortunate to meet a woodsman from Northern Ontario who gave me the inspiration to build these beautiful boats. His name was Clarence Bouges and he knew how to transform a big cedar log into planks and ribs, and those into a canoe. Every spare moment I had I would head to his small, cluttered shop and be amazed at this man's ability to build canoes. His stories about life in the north woods and about canoe construction were reminiscent of a time that has all but disappeared today. It was then, in 1980, that I decided to help revive this nearly lost tradition and build wood-canvas canoes.

The canoes I build are the Chestnut and Peterborough design. I obtain the rough white cedar lumber locally and plane and mill it into the planks and ribs which create the hull of the canoe. All the trim work, gunwales, thwarts and hand caned seats are patiently crafted by myself using high quality black cherry and white ash--creating the most beautiful and versatile canoe that you have ever paddled.

Canoe Price list
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16' Canoe $3600.00 Chestnut
15' Canoe $3600.00 Peterborough
14' Canoe $2800.00 Peterborough
Handmade Paddles $140 back to top

Canoeing is My Life
I now build canoes full-time and every summer I go back to Algonquin Park where I direct a canoe tripping camp for boys. To me, the greatest contentment or peace of mind comes from paddling across a sparkling blue lake, watching the sun set and hearing my paddle dip in the water. To pass on the magic of the wood-canvas canoe to the next generation, and to make these unique boats available for all to enjoy, is now my life's work.

Canoe Gifts & Products

Beautifully, hand crafted canoe related products are also available from my shop located on Highway 60 at Oxtongue Lake, 5 km before the west gate of Algonquin Park.
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