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Beautiful, handcrafted Canoe related products from my shop near Algonquin Park, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.
I invite your inquiries for custom designs or to personalize any item you see here.
Jim Spencer

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Canoe Coffee Table

Our Canoe coffee table is made with the same attention to detail as the full size version. The coffee table canoe measures five feet long and comes with a glass or black cherry top. A handsome replica with a craftsman's standards
$700 Canadian.
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2 sizes available
small $295 Cdn.
large $350.

The Canadian Wanigan

Laminated red and white cedar with cherry and ash trim. The wanigan canoe with an inlay of your choice on the cover -

A beautiful unique piece of furniture that comes with an attractive printed short history ..."The wanigan - used by the Native Canadians and European explorers alike to carry their possessions and to sustain them ... evolved into a compact wooden container that nestled security in the canoe..."

This elegant yet simple chest may be used as a lampstand, end table, toy or blanket box.

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Canoe Shelving Unit

Stands 88" to 90" tall.
Personalized inlay on the deck
and a light under the bow deck.

$1800 Canadian
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Boathouse Scenes

Comes in kit form or finished.
Can easily be personalized for a unique gift or cottage wall decoration.

$40 Canadian
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